Where is Texture Plugin in version 3.4?

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We have installed new OJS of recent version Some plugins might not be available in the Plugin Gallery, like Texture plugin. Is there a version of the plugin that is compatible with OJS version 3.4?

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Hi @Ainul_Rafiq,

Looks like there has been some partial work towards 3.4 for this plugin, as recent as last year: Partial updates for 3.4.0 · pkp/texture@d879ec2 · GitHub

(@asmecher has been working on it, and can likely speak further to it)

However, it is likely still going to take some time, and may not be able to be prioritized at this time.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis ,

Thank you for the information. We will wait for the fully supported plugin for version 3.4.

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