Where is OJS2 'Editor Version' of file in OJS3?

We recently migrated from OJS 2.4.8 to OJS 3.2.1
We can’t see some reviewer and revision files in OJS3, which I understand is related to this: [OJS] Updating to OJS3 - revision files and initial copyedit files missing · Issue #2097 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

We have a file labelled EDITOR VERSION in OJS2. The file itself was moved to submission/fairCopy in OJS3 filesystem. Where and how would one expect to see this file in OJS3 GUI? Would it be part of the Review stage, or part of Copyediting? Or elsewhere?

This question was asked a while ago by another user, but no answer was posted.

Thanks !!

Hi @elt,

we didn’t find the files anywhere and concluded from older issues that these and other files ( file_stage 1,3,7,8,13,18 in OJS 3) are not visible anymore. It seems to be due to the changes in the file catagories and the workflow, which is less complex in OJS 3.

But this is only what we guess.