Where is config.inc.php after "git clone"?


I’m going to do some changes in OCS and I just cloned ocs, checked out tag 2.3.6-0 and ran the command “git submodule update --init --recursive”

I’ve tried to run OCS but I dont have the “config.inc.php” on my working directory . I know its on .gitignore but i can’t find last commit where this file was removed. I’ve tried to run “git log – config.inc.php” but no info is showed.

How can I recover the last valid version of config.inc.php compatible with OCS 2.3.6-0 ?

The config.inc.php is shipped (in the tarbar and in git) as config.TEMPLATE.inc.php. You can always get a clean version there.

That’s it! Thank you!