Where does "submission history" draw its data from?

I notice the “submission history” pages don’t get their dates about edit decisions from the edit_decisions SQL table. Where is this data stored? I have a corrupted edit_decisions table, and am manually (ugh) correcting the dates by looking at the “submission history” page, but this data must come from somewhere…

This is OJS .

(I saw that submission history is enabled by turning on “logging and auditing”, with references to section 4.1 of journal setup, so I thought the log files might be set there, but I can’t seem to find the option for turning logging on or off or naming the log files).

Thank you!

In OJS 2.4.x, a submission’s History page consists of the Event Log (mysql table event_log) and the Email Log (mysql table email_log) and the Notes (mysql table article_notes).

The event_log is keyed on an assoc_type (257 for an article) the assoc_id (will be the article id, if the assoc_type is 257). Most other columns should be self-explanatory, except the event_type (805306371 for Editor Decision). You can decode the event_type from the code.

Ah ha! “event_log” - so obvious in retrospect!

Thank you so much for this information!