When user registered - automatic roles

We are on version for OJS.

When a user registers what roles are automatically assigned to them? Is it just Reader or Author as well?


As of just Reader. Author role is usually something you can select when you register and the author role you get when you submit for the first time.

Thanks for the reply. Seems like there should be an option at the register page to choose Reader, Author and Reviewer… ?

The Reader role the users get automatically when they register to a journal.

For the Reviewer role, there is a selection in the form saying “Yes, I would like to be contacted with requests to review submissions to this journal.”

The Author role the user can acquire when she does her first submission to the journal.


It’s possible remove from the form: “Yes, I would like to be contacted with requests to review submissions for this magazine.”?

Go to Users & Roles > Roles, find the Reviewer role, click the blue triangle > edit. From the settings you can choose not to accept registered users to join as reviewers.

HI all,

Is there a way we can download the user information including the date of registration/created? In addition to that, is there an opt out choice that we could include in the email for those reviewers we invited to review a paper so their account could be automatically disabled? This will help other staff to avoid contacting the same reviewer who was created by someone else.

Thank you!