When review reports are added to decision email, how to change the pre-formatting of review report text?

When reviews are added to decision email. I was to change the text formatting of review reports which appears after clicking “Add reviews to email” button.

Which file code should I edit to adjust this =?

Using OJS 3.3

Please see attached image.

Hi @Pankaj_Kumar,

This text might be in several different prepared emails. I would check to see if it is in any of your templates that are based on “Editor Decision” - these ones are outlined here: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/learning-ojs/en/settings-workflow#template-descriptions (you can use Search to search for “Editor Decision” to pinpoint the applicable ones, and then look at those within your OJS instance).

PKP Team

I know we can adjust the email templates, but this features is not available in the email templates.

These reports are added to editor decision emails by clicling on the “Add reviews to email” button which embdeds review reports to decision email. By default, this function adds those lines which are universal for all decision emails. I was looking if I can edit those lines at internal level so the review reports appear more clean.