What role has the Admin?

Hi, I am in the door of delivery a website based on OJS. And I am using the main user, “admin”. So I have permissions to do “everything” on the website.

But when I go to see the role of my user, it is not specified. So my question is what role has the Admin?.

And the client wants a couple of “technical” user roles with the ability to do “everything” like the admin. It is not focused in touch the workflow of publishing a journal, but it has to be able to create new users, new roles, new sections, etc.

Hi @josuevalrob

Yes, you are right – the admin role can to everything, installation-wide.
There is only one admin user, that is created/defined at the installation.

I believe your clients would then get the role of the Journal Manager – it can do everything within a journal.


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