What programming languages and skills should I be learning to work with OJS code and (hopefully) contribute back to the project?

As an academic librarian who administers our OJS service, I’ve got some room in my job to get schooled up on technical skills to support both my local install of OJS and, maybe one day, the project at large. Can anyone recommend a good place to invest my time and energies?

Hi @tmrozewski!

Depending on your existing skills, your interests and what you want to do with OJS, there’s a lot to learn. The back-end code is in PHP. The front-end code is making more and more use of vue.js, a Javascript-based toolset. All of these tools have good documentation and often introductory courses on Youtube etc., but there are a lot of them that we use in various ways.

I’d recommend picking out a learning project for yourself (we keep a small list of our own, with varying complexity but all suitable for an outsider to our dev team). Make it something you’re interested in solving, not a project for its own sake, and feel free to post here asking how and where to get started!

We also hold sprint events a few times a year – watch our blog and Twitter feed for information about these. If the time and location work for you it’s a great way to work intensively on a short project in a group environment.

See also the Developer section of the PKP Documentation Hub: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/dev/

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Neglected to reply - just wanted to say thanks for the info! Will delve deeper.


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