What is wp-login.php?

Anyone know what this file is? It doesn’t seem to be part of OJS, and yet our error logs full of this error:

‘/var/www/html/ojs/wp-login.php’ not found or unable to stat

I can’t detect any problem within OJS itself either.


Hi @bernieh,

That’s not anything to do with OJS; I suspect it’s related to Wordpress.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes that is the Wordpress login page. I have seen that in our logs from time to time as well. Also calls to vulnerable wordpress plugins. These could be some kind of hacking attempts of Wordpress but of course they cause no problems with OJS. But not sure why your logs would be full of them.

Thanks Alec & Ajnyga. I’m able to trigger similiar errors just by entering ‘ojs.domain.com/whatever.php’ in my browser address bar. No detrimental impact in OJS, just yet another error in the logs. Looks to me like there’s some program out there that is constantly trying to access wp-login.php on our OJS site. Have passed on to our IT guys; hopefully they’ll be able to figure out where these access attempts are coming from.


IMHO it usually indicates, that bots is trying to search the WP CMS holes, or is trying to perform “attack by dictionary”.