What is the path for the admin created custom blocks?


As yo know the path for the default plugins is: /ojs/plugins/blocks
where the .tpl, .xml and .php files of the block is placed.

When I create some blocks using the “Custom Block Manager” plugin, does it create some files for that block?
where is the path for the corresponding folder for that block?
I checked the “/ojs/plugins/blocks” and it is not there.


Custom blocks are stored in the database. See the table plugin_settings.

Field plugin_settings.setting_value has a serialized description of the blocks where plugin_settings.plugin_name is ‘cusomblockmanagerplugin’ and setting_name is ‘blocks’ for a particular plugin_settings.journal_id.

The name(s) of the blocks in plugin_settings.setting_value then become keys for plugin_settings.plugin_name. Using that as a key, you can find the plugin_settings.setting_value values.

Dear Mr. Alec.

i created new costum block menu on rightsiide bar for visitors counter ect, see the picture.
i edited block. tpl but cannot change/erase the the prefix word like “COSTUMBLOCK- ,blabla”?
can you help me solve this problem. thanks


@rindoherdianto, it looks like you have edited the block.tpl to display the block name as the title. Instead, edit each custom block so that the content includes a span with a class of “blockTitle”, as:

<span class="blockTitle">My Title</span>
<p>my content is here</p>
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Its done. Thank you very much.