What is the name of the Class which controls summary.tpl

I use OJS 2. What is the name of class that controls the template summary.tpl located in templates/author/submission/summary.tpl?

I searched for it in most classes so much and still couldn’t find it.

Thanks alot

This is included in the template files:


These template files are called from:



Thank you. Was so helpful

Just a question about it I have. How did you search for the class controls the summary.tpl?

Because now I am searching for the class that controls metadata.tpl by searching in the repository in GitHub search bar but it doesn’t find it.

You search the keyword in Gihub or other way?

Personally I am either typically in an IDE (such as Netbeans) or using the Linux command line. Both of them have far superior search capabilities than GitHub, IMO.