What is 'Request Revisions' or 'Resubmit for Review'


I ask myself about how work editor decisions “Resubmit for Reviews” and “Request Revision”. We use ojs master

I get the impression that either action comes back to the same (hence the [OJS] “Resubmit for Review” button is unclear · Issue #1258 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and [OMP] review file selection is unclear · Issue #1144 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub) apart from a different notification and a different status round?

In case of “Request Revisions”, author receives a mail (and has a notification ‘revision required’).
When the author submit a revision, (having selected the fact that he was doing a revision of an existing file) the author does not know exactly what to do because the state of submission stay the same.
Maybe here, an action like “Submit my revisions” should be a good thing : action will change the status “Revisions have been submitted” and a notification will be send to editors.

For editor’s point of view: in the list of submissions, the message is good : “Revisions have been submitted” but in “round status”, there is ‘Revisions have been requested’ and no notification for the editor (even no mail) : I think it will be a good thing that the editor will be notified when a new revision is available.
(so i totally agree with Notification of Revision Upload )

In the case of a “Resubmit for reviews”, what happens ?
should the author do something? what action can he do apart from submit a new revision ?
(In this case, instead of “Submission has been resubmitted for review.” the message should be “Submit new revisions for a new round of review” …)

and from the publisher’s point of view, what happens?
he it must generate a new review round with file revision?
If no action from author is needed, maybe decision “Resubmit for Reviews” must create a new reviews round automatically

Thank you in advance and sorry if there is some documentations about this workflow, I didn’t found it.

This is documented here:

Request Revisions: The editor can request revisions from the author without opening a new review round. This is common when minor revisions are required which the editor can approve without re-submitting for review.

Resubmit for Review: The editor can request revisions from the author which will need to go through another round of review. Once revisions are received, a new review round will need to be created at the top of the review stage.