What is "pkpTag plugin for tinyMCE" for?

Reviewing OJS 3.1.2-1 in detail today I just realized we have a new button at the end of tinyMCE’s toolbar. When you click on it you get a “No tags available” message and nothing happens.

Taking a look to ojs’ tinyMCE integration plugin looks like is a tinyMCE plugin developed by PKP to “inject” preformated texts (translation files show 2-3 tag examples) but I’m unsure if this is the feature and how can it make it work.

@asmecher github says you are the developer. Any link or comment to know more about this?


Hi @marc,

This is used in email composition to add variables to the text. Try clicking that tool when composing an email and you’ll see what I mean.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Sorry to annoye Alec but I did it and I can’t see any change:



Ok, sorry for the former screenshot. I misunderstood you.
When you say mails, you were talking about emailTemplates, not plain mails.

But there is an issue: If you click on the icon before you select the emailTemplate, you will get the “No tags” message.

Here you have a video:

Coud it be a JS issue?

BTW, I’m impressed with the new implementation of the emailTemplates (included in 3.2).
Congratulations you all.


I tried the same thing, expecting to see tags listed, but did not in OJS 3.1.2-1. I’ve haven’t dug into this further, but I’m very interested in this, so I’ll be looking for some time to dive deeper.

Thanks Clinton. I tested it on last stable version (3.1.2-1) and also in and the results are the same.

BTW, during the process I noticed somethimes tooltip is wrongly placed:


If is not yet reported, do you want me to open an issue in github?


Yes, something is not-quite-right here. If not in the ad-hoc email forms, I would expect to see this function in either the workflow emails, or in the email templates.

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