What is "path" and why is it mandatory?


While trying to install OJS/OPS, there is a mandatroy filed called “path” that I do not see what is it for and why it is there!
When it is added, the URL will be extended unnecessarily to something wierd after the domain extention such as: example.com/path.index.php!!
Why this happens? And why a path after the domain “.extension” is required? Why cannot install OJS to simply showing the domain name only (example.com) without anything else after it?


Path can eventually be added/required for any new journal when the OJS installed for multiple journals, but not one installation instance.
Is there a way to bypass it for one installation only?

Hi @whitsnow,

You can redirect your site to just go to one journal in the settings: Learning Open Journal Systems 3.3 - Site Administration

However, even if you do that, you still might be required to have a path, as OJS needs to identify your journal using the path, unless you do some configuration on your server for your path, such as what is outlined here: Please, How To Direct Single Journal To Web Root (http://journalpage.com) instead of (http://journalpage.com?index.php/ojs) - #48 by drugurkocak

PKP Team