What Data Does LOCKSS Preserve?


Newbie here! I’ve inherited the maintenance and operation of some OJS 2.4.8 instances. What data does LOCKSS preserve? Is it only exported XML from the database? Or does it also archive items such as images, PDFs, and Word documents found in files_dir and public_files_dir?


There are a couple of different flavors of LOCKSS. Some, such as the global LOCKSS network, essentially scrape the content available on the open web, similar to archive.org’s wayback machine, except for library subscription content. Others, such as the PKP Private LOCKSS Network, store selected content from the target system (e.g. the metadata in XML and the galley files themselves for the PKP PLN).


Thanks for your reply. That helps! We use the PKP PLN.
So, if I have PDF, HTML, and image files in my galleys those will be
archived. Correct?

I think the answer is yes, but I will refer you to the PKP PLN service description and invite @mjoyce or @mjordan to correct me if I am wrong.