Website Settings error after upgrade (OJS

Hi, I’ve been running into this error after upgrading through several versions and it’s a real pain in the tush.

In I’m at Website Settings > Appearance > Setup and trying to save any changes on that page. However, the Developed By and Subscription blocks have to be manually upgraded after the OJS version upgrade before I can make save any changes on this page - regardless of whether they were ever active on this instance of OJS. If I don’t manually upgrade these unused plugin blocks, I get the error message show in the attached screenshot.

Screenshot 2021-07-06 130128

Is there a way to remove this dependency? Otherwise, is it possible to automatically upgrade plugins when the base OJS software is upgraded?

Even after using OJS for 4ish years, I’d say this is my single biggest point of frustration as a user.

Addendum: the block plugins must be upgraded and activated before saving changes to the appearance of the site.

That can happen if you previously had a sidebar option with those blocks enabled. Maybe the easiest thing to do is to use the REST API to reset that value to empty, then go back in and edit it in the appearance form.