Way to change copyright info

We have added articles with info license however we would like to change the copyright info of some articles. is it possible ?

maybe from db side? will that affect the db


Hi @deepakc,

If it’s just a few articles you’re updating, you can do this manually:

  1. Locate the article in the Submissions queue
  2. You’ll have to unpublish the article if it’s already published
  3. Go to Publication → Permissions & Disclosure and you’ll be able to edit relevant copyright information that OJS supports/displays

PKP Team

thanks @rcgillis however we have like 400 articles. is there something that can help us to target like volume 1- volume 46 and change their copyrights. we want same copyrights as in like → copyright at journal name

Hi @deepakc,

Would this be for all the articles that are in the entire journal? If so, you could possibly reset all the permissions via the tools: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/learning-ojs/3.3/en/tools#permissions

If not, then you’re looking at updating the info via the database (it might be difficult to tease out all of the articles, you’d need to know all the IDs of the article, and develop a query to update the database records).

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a great solution for a large number of articles - it’s more so if there are a small number you could do it individually, or if it is all of them, you could use the tools.

PKP Team

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thanks for your reply. the journal people told that they will skip this part so we are all good.

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