Visualization of theme differs after uploading to web server

Dear all,
Yesterday we published our OJS website from localhost to online hosting. The version of OJS is All run well on localhost, but after we published it to our domain, the page looks different from what we designed and set on localhost. All contents are loaded successfully but the appearance of the theme we used was failed to work.
Please look into our OJS
Localhost version should be like the picture below:
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Sandy_Yansiku

You’re doing two things. First, you’re mixing HTTP and HTTPS content. If you use a console debugger you’ll see those errors. Also, try clearing your template cache on the server and rebuilding everything. There’s a chance that some things are cached for the localhost copy.


Hi @jnugent
I run the console debugger and found as the following picture.

What do you mean by “mixing HTTP and HTTPS content”? What should I do with those errors?
I saw that when I put mouse over the black text scholae.png:1, the tooltip said: Here, “ojs3114siartek” should be changed to only “siartek”, which is the journal %path%. How to change this path? Does it mean, I should change those invalid path through OJS setting on localhost and rebuilt then upload again to the server?
I cleared the cache on the server.

It sounds like there are hard-coded links to images with http:// urls, which is the point I made about using mixed content. For the public/ images, you may have to just to edit paths in the custom block plugins if you used them, or re-upload. For that link you mentioned, that’s appearing in your home page content. You may have to edit or re-upload that block as well.


Hi @jnugent
I have just done with all URLs related to all images and files. After uploading the revision to the web server, it remains the same. My homepage still shows different look from what it should be. Is there anything wrong with the Manuscript (default child) theme?

Hi Sandy,

Your journal looks fine to me now. Can you clear your browser cache and reload?


Upss… Yeah.It works.
Thank you @jnugent. I appreciated that.

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