Visibility articles (oai)


I am a editor, of the CIES journal and we use the open journal system. But in this moments we have a problems , because not all the articles that we up in the plataform are visibles.

Then, we review the conguration of system and found the next instruction:

“To index the content of all the journals of the website in the global database system for research, record the URL of your website with the compilation of the Public Knowledge Project metadata.

This tool collects the metadata of each item indexed in the journal, thus allowing a precise and joint search in those research sites that are adhered to the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for the collection of metadata.

Click here and enter in the site URL, and in base URL for the OAI File."

However, when registering only there is only the option to register this link in the site URL and not this

so we attribute the difficulty of viewing all the articles published by the journal.



I visited your OAI base URL and it seems to be working. Is everything OK on your end?