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New to the forum as we just upgraded our journal to OJS 3. No one on my team, alas, can figure out what used to be simple in OJS 2 - how to view easily which submitted articles are assigned to which editor. While the filtering tools on the Submissions screen under the “All Active” tab are powerful, none give us the ability to filter by (or view) which editor is handling each manuscript.

Am I missing something simple? We have been logging in as one another as the workaround, but that is not ideal.

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Hi @macmarston,

Could you please confirm which version of OJS you have upgraded to?

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @macmarston,

You are right, this is something that is missing in the OJS 3:

But as you can see in the first post, this feature will hopefully be available in the OJS 3.2

Regards, Primož

We are running Sorry it wasn’t in the original post, had to ask my webmaster for that info.

Dear Primoz,

Alas, I was hoping that was not the case, but I appreciate that it is under consideration for inclusion in 3.2.

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I don’t think this feature made it to OJS 3.2 did it?

I think it would be very useful to help editors share out submissions among section editors.

Hi @Andrew_Johnson ,

See Filter submissions by assigned editor · Issue #5982 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub – this is due for release in OJS 3.3.0, very shortly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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