Viewer Error after upgrade from 2.4.8-4 to 3.2.0-1 at last 3.3.0-15


I was upgrade from 2.4.8-4 to 3.2.0-1 after several Attempts, I achived ojs had all journal files identified by the new versión, but the pdf.js viewer can’t open them, I tried chrome and opera browser with the same result, it can’t see on screen, just only download. I thought it Will fix with the new version, for this reason leave the issue with this ojs version (3.2.0-1) and I went to upgrade to ojs 3.3.0-15, after the migration the issue persist in both browsers, a day after I tried again in chrome and opera and Chrome beggining to work good but opera browser not yet. Others browsers like Edge, Firefox, brave are working well, without any problems.

Some One, Who knows how fix this issue with Opera, let me know


Hi @abazangatti,

As a starting point, you may want to try some of what is being suggested in this post:

It sounds similar…

PKP Team

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Thanks Roger, I will