View images in HTML galley - Chrome browser

We have recently moved to OJS, so we’re still learning the differences from v2.

We host a journal that publishes PDF and HTML galleys. The HTML galleys contain images, which are uploaded as part of the Publication process.

They are currently uploading articles for a new issue.
When previewing the issue, and the articles within, the images in the HTML do not display, when using Chrome browser or Edge. But they can be seen when previewing with Firefox or Safari.

I have replicated the problem by creating a test journal and following the same steps. I published my test issue, just in case it was something to do with Preview. But the image linked within my test html didn’t show either in Chrome.

There don’t seem to be any path issues - I have inspected the HTML in the browser and I can download the image from the link, but it doesn’t display.

What else can I check/change?

Hi @susanm,

Interesting. Are you able to share a link to where this is occurring?

PKP Team

Hi Roger,
Thanks for following up. Having left this overnight to stew, it now appears that when you publish the issue, the images show. While this didn’t work on my test journal yesterday, it does today.
I quickly published and then unpublished the issue the editors are working on to verify.
Another OJS mystery!

Thanks for sharing! Glad to see you were able to come to a resolution. One thing that comes to mind is it might’ve been a browser caching issue.

PKP Team

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