Vancouver Citation Style missed the penultimate number in pages

Dear Colleagues!

We found that in Vancouver Citation Style (Citation Style Language Plugin) there is a small error in citation output (block How to Cite on article page) namely the penultimate number in pages is missed.


This can be seen on all OJS3 websites. All other styles work well…

Most likely this file needs to be fixed


in this block

<macro name="pages">
      <if type="article-journal article-magazine article-newspaper review review-book" match="any">
        <text variable="page" prefix=":"/>
      <else-if type="book" match="any">
        <text variable="number-of-pages" prefix=" "/>
          <if is-numeric="number-of-pages">
            <label variable="number-of-pages" form="short" prefix=" " plural="never"/>
        <group prefix=" " delimiter=" ">
          <label variable="page" form="short" plural="never"/>
          <text variable="page"/>

Please help to fix it !
Thank you in advance!

Hi @OSU,

This is probably the same as Page numbering issue · Issue #60 · seboettg/citeproc-php · GitHub. What version of OJS are you using?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

As far as it was found, this error is present in all versions of OJS 3.
… from to… and in all websites
for example


for some reason, the first digit is lost after a short hyphen

Hi @OSU,

It looks like a problem in the upstream citeproc-php library. I’ve proposed a fix to it:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Many thanks, @asmecher !
hope it will fix it.