Validation errors using XML native plugin

It happens that I had a server someone was able to corrupt, including the mysql database (OJS Now I would like to export the old issues using xml native plugin to a new OJS installation ( but I keep getting a bunch of validation errors.
I tried to validate the XML of the old issues using pkp-native.xsd but without success.
I’ve seen many questions about this problem but I’m not able to find a solution. Any advise?
I include also a screenshot of the validation:

The XML schemas are not the same for 3.1.2-0 and 3.3.0-13

For a export you must validate with the schema for 3.1.2-0
For a 3.3.0-13 import then the XML must be transformed to the 3.3.0-13 schema

The difference between the two schemas might give you a hint which attributes/elements must be added.

There is a discussion on this problem on Request for comments: Deprecate the "Native Import Export Plugin"

Thank you for your answer. Now using the right pkp-native.xsd and importexport.xsd all elements validate. Except ‘issue’ and ‘article’. May I have overlooked something.
Anyway reading the link you pointed me made me think the best solution is building the new server with 3.1.2 importing the files there and only at that point upgrading to 3.3.

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