Using Theme from Github


This may seem like a really noob question, but!

There’s a theme by Mason Publishing Group on Github for OJS. That’s great! The theme looks really good.

However, I have no idea how to use that theme on my current OJS installation :frowning:

Is there any special steps that are required for this to function? And as the famous philosopher said: explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old.

Thank you!

The first step is to install the theme in the filesystem. This will be under your OJS install, in the “plugins/themes/” directory. The readme warns about naming the folder “mpg”.

From there, to activate the theme for a Journal, go to Journal Setup Step 5.6 to find the “journal theme” option:
User Home → Journal Manager → Setup → 5. The Look → 5.6 Journal Layout

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Hi! Thank you for the response!

And I have to put the complete contents of the GitHub root folder inside that mpg folder, correct?

If you download the .zip file from GitHub, you will rename “OJS-Theme-master” to “mpg” and place this folder in “plugins/themes/”.

Ultimately, within “plugins/themes/mpg/”, you should see the same files you see in the GitHub root for that repository:

Hi i have try the theme but have a problem, the interface have blank like no theme has installed, one thing have change is the logo of mason publishing in bottom of OJS.

Could you please tell me how to fix it ?

Thank you!

Take a look on the Majuscule and the minuscule… :wink:

When you unzip the archive, most of time files are modified (majuscules disappear…). You have to fix it.

I have the same problem as maulanasani - and I do not understand your advice. Could you explain what I shall do in more details?

Thank you.


When I install the theme and rename the folder to ‘mpg’ I find that the plugins page will no longer load but continues to “load”. I’ve checked the permissions on all files and folders 644/755

I would appreciate hints as to why loading this folder would cause the plugins page to fail to load?

You should probably rename the folder first and then install it.

Thank you, I did not try this. To create the folder, rename it, then copy the files into the folder. I’ll give it a go.

Hi @MarkAGregory,

Mentioned this on the other threads, but dropping it here too: make sure the theme you want to install is compatible with the release of OJS you’re using. For example, the Mason Publishing theme is an OJS 2.x theme, and won’t work with OJS 3.x.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thx Alec, my goof, thought it was updated for OJS 3.0x
Moving ahead with the excellent bootstrap3 themes.

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