Using OJS for book chapters

I’m going to publish book chapters using ojs. ojs considers all documents as articles by default. How do you refer to a book chapter instead of an article in the citation system?

Hello @sadeqi.m.e,

You may want to check out Open Monograph Press, which used for books/book chapters:

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Thanks for your answer.
I worked on OPM but it doesn’t fit for publishing book chapters.
OJS is good but the citation format is not compatible with book chapters and considers all documents as articles.

Yes, OMP is for monographs and not for edited works that have book chapters written by different authors.

For OJS: If you refer to the Citation Style Language (CSL) plugin, it is relatively easy to add a suitable citation style from the CSL repository. In the plugin code , there are a few instructions how to do so.

Thanks for your answer.
I reviewed the Citation Style Language (CSL) plugin. In the csl files, all different formats of documents are defined, for example, book chapters or conference articles, but when showing the citation format it just shows article format. It seems that in another place the format of documents is defined. also, I could change csl files and create my own style, but the problem of considering the document as an article exists again. Another problem is google scholar which again considers book chapters in OJS as articles. It seems that the metadata format also should be changed somewhere.

Definitely you need to for the two plugins (CSL and GS). OJS is a journal system, therefore, article is the main and only document type.

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