Using but mail is being sent like OJS 2.x with Sender & Receiver reversed

You can see in the message, Seyed as submitted a manuscript, but he is shown as the sender of the message, and I,, am shown on the TO: line (and the REPLY-TO: line). This particular mail was marked as a SOFTFAIL by a server on the recipients’ end. Often, however, they are simply marked as spam and I (and the author?) never see them.

What is going wrong here?

A colleague using a completely different system installed an instance of and discovered that his installation showed the same errors with the FROM field showing the intended recipient. This is quite serious because many mail systems will consider this “spoofing” and eventually reject mail sent from your domain.

We managed a temporary fix by directly editing the code in lib/pkp/classes/mail/ by modifying the function at line 311 to hardcode my email address as the sender:
function setFrom($email, $name = ‘’) {
// $this->setData(‘from’, array(‘name’ => $name, ‘email’ => $email));
$this->setData(‘from’, array(‘name’ => $name, ‘email’ => ‘’));
I didn’t substitute my own name for $name, although that is also possible.

I recommend that all OJS users take a look at the header on “New Notification” messages that they receive. Is the address in the FROM: field the one designated by your system? Or is it the address of the individual who just submitted a manuscript? I hope that OJS can give a fix for this high priority!