Users & Roles and the plugins - not loading

Describe the issue or problem
I have many journals in my OJS and handle by many journal managers.

My problem is, in one particular journal, the Users & Roles page is not loading - it keeps loading and becomes error (error appears when inspect element). That journal has less than 1K users. So far other journals in my OJS are fine.

Same problem happen to Installed Plugins page. This happens to all journals in the system - it keeps loading and becomes gateway timeout (error appears when inspect element).

Steps I took leading up to the issue
I tried editing the list as suggested in other forums but it didn’t work for both cases

What application are you using?
I am currently using OJS

Additional information

any help will be appreciated. Thank you

Hi @thana,

Are you able to report on any errors from your PHP error log? That is typically helpful in identifying issues of this nature that may be occurring.

PKP Team

Thanks for replying. I checked the PHP error log, no error is shown.
However, when i on the error in the config file, there is warnings on languages, not sure whether this is related. I followed another forum on language warnings - it is suggesting to clear php files from cache folder. Once i cleared the cache, plugins page is now working fine. but I still have problem with the users and role page in one particular journal. What else I can check?

Hi @thana,

That’s odd - usually PHP error log shows errors for issues of this nature, but interesting that clearing your cache worked. I’m not sure what more to suggest at this point, but other community members and PKP folks may weigh in.

PKP Team