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We have multiple journals setup of OJS. One of the journals is having an issue. The journal has 400 users with 25 users per page. When I click on Users & Roles and click on page 6 in stays on page 1 or any of the other pages that I was on first. All the other pages load. Page 6 seems like it is not there, meaning 25 of the users are affected. Page 6 when clicked does not show any spinning wheel it just doesn’t go to page 6. When I click the Firefoxe’s Web developers tools it gives this error: 500 Internal Server Error. Chrome gives the same error message. Could there be a database issue? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I checked all the other journals we have on the same instance of OJS and none of the other journals have the issue.

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Hi @Stephen,

In cases such as these where you encounter 500 error or have the spinning wheel, it is best to check your PHP error logs for error messages there? Can you do that and report on any errors found there?

PKP Team

Hi Roger,

Here is a screen shot of the PHP error logs right I click the page of users that seems to have disappeared. I click it this morning so I can find it in the log easier:

Thanks again.