Users imported but not shown

Trying to export > import users via native xml plugin on OJS stable-3.2.1.
Process run without issues but users are not shown in the journal’s list.
Is a single-journal installation so no user list is shown at Site level.
Looking into the DB the users are imported.

I suspect the problem is imported users are bound to the site, but not the journal (not sure if this is a bug or the way the plugin works).

Anyway… I took a look to the DB but I can find in what table are the user_id vs journal_id relations done.


According to Jason, the relation is as follows:

As far as the contexts (journal_id) are the same in both ojs, user_groups tables arealso identical, and users (user_id) exist in both DB, is possible to insert in the user_user_groups with the missing relations and fix the issue.

Not sure if this is fixed in 3.3… if not, please advice and I will fill an issue.

Hi @marc

In your XML, have you included <user_group_ref> elements? Feel free to share some anonymized data if you like.


<user_group_ref> tag exist, but is empty. :frowning:

            <givenname locale="en_US">Marc</givenname>
            <givenname locale="es_ES">Marc</givenname>
            <givenname locale="fr_FR">Marc</givenname>
            <familyname locale="en_US">Bria</familyname>
            <familyname locale="es_ES">Bria</familyname>
            <familyname locale="fr_FR">Bria</familyname>
            <affiliation locale="es_ES">Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona</affiliation>
            <affiliation locale="fr_FR">Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona</affiliation>
            <password is_disabled="false" must_change="false" encryption="sha1">
            <date_registered>2021-07-19 13:27:39</date_registered>
            <date_last_login>2021-07-20 02:24:02</date_last_login>
            <date_validated>2021-07-19 14:08:27</date_validated>
            <phone>00 34 12 34 56 788</phone>
            <mailing_address>&lt;p&gt;Appartement 41 R&#xE9;sidence Erraja Mourouj 5, Barceona 2074&lt;/p&gt;</mailing_address>

Wired… Do you know if is there any reported issue about this in stable-3.2.1?
I will check on 3.3 to see if this was finally fixed.


Hi @marc

I just did a test here with a 3.2.1-4 installation and if I export a single user, the XML contains <user_group></user_group> elements at the top, and then correct <user_group_ref> elements within the actual user node. So I think it’s working correctly. I hate to ask this but are you sure that your user in question is in fact enrolled in that journal?


Don’t hate to ask obvious questions. It’s not the first time I check wired stuff and I forget about the most evident… but unfortunatelly today it’s not the case. :frowning:

In former post I published a trimed version of my exportation (only the user node) but my real exportation includes also <user_group> tags, with all the groups info… but the users nodes don’t refer those groups and include an empty <user_group_ref/> node.

Wired part is, that I checked it in a different journal of my service (build over exactly the same 3.2.1-4 docker image) and it works as expected (filling the user_group_ref properly)

Problem was resolved with the table exportation… but I’m worried it could be a generic issue related with multilang or DB data inconsistencies.

The problem raises in a new jorunal with an small DB so I can dump and forward to you if it worth the time.

Thanks for your help,