Users can not register


I’have just installed the third version of OJS to give it a test drive. And the first problem I am facing:
I can not register as a new user.
This is the screenshot of an error message I get:
At least one role must be selected. (meanwhile there is no such an option when filling the registration form).

What can be wrong? Am I missing some settings in the admin section?


Hi @Vladislav_Mavrin,

It sounds like no roles are available for self-registration. Go into Users & Roles > Roles, and ensure that one of the following roles has the checkbox “Allow user self-registration” checked:

  • Author
  • Reviewer
  • Reader

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I can not see this checkbox in the Roles page. Screenshot is


Hi @Vladislav_Mavrin,

Use the little triangle on the left-hand side to spin out the row actions for one of the roles, then click Edit.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I have checked and it’s activated, but users still can’t register…



@Vladislav_Mavrin based on the screenshot you provided, you are already logged into the site. You’ll need to log out to register a new account.


we have the exact same problem at the moment. When a new user tries to register the error message: At least one role must be selected. is displayed and the registration fails.

The checkbox “Allow user self-registration” under User & Roles > Roles is checked for author, reader and reviewer.

On the registration form only a checkbox for reviewer is displayed but no checkboxes for author or reader.

Is it possible to have every new user get assigned automatically to the role of reader?

Best regards,
Gerhard Eilbacher

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