Username variable for the navigation

Hi i wonder if there is a variable that can replace the {$navigationMenuItemAssignment->navigationMenuItem->getLocalizedTitle()} that specifically to view username

// navigationMenu.tpl

{if $navigationMenuItemAssignment->navigationMenuItem->getType() == "NMI_TYPE_USER_DASHBOARD"}

The output that i get from variable above is the username plus unread notification counter which also appear in the submenu (dashboard).

I found that {$currentUser->getData()} is working with username and email but what about the rest of user data?

Hi @Yudy_Ananda,

Would you mind indicating which version/branch of the codebase that you’re working in?


PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis, mine is Just like i said before i tried to pass the data other than username and email using {$currentUser->getData()} like full name but no luck

Thanks, @Yudy_Ananda. I’m not sure exactly what to suggest here, but I’ll flag this with our developers to see what they can suggest, or other community members may weigh in.

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