User roles permission after upgrade ojs3

Hello everyone.

So, I’ve recently picked up someone’s OJS 2.4 and am needed to upgrade to 3.0.2. I’ve followed the upgrade instructions, encountered some issues but managed to resolve them (or at least working as expected).

When I upgraded, the admin user wasn’t able to administrate the ojs, so I figured it out randomly changing the user_group to 1 that it now has its admin privileges back.
What’s wrong now is that somehow, at least some of the users, can’t enter the respective link to a certain submission or review, for example.

I’m guessing it may have messed up some roles/groups. How can I verify that the users have their respective access?

‘The current role does not have access to this operation.’

Edit: just noticed that a user with Reviewer, Section Editor and Reader can’t view a submission where he is the Section Editor - with the workflow Review:

‘You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow.’
Where previously (2.4) he had access.

Hi @PedroAbrunhosa,

In OJS 3.0 the Administrator’s permissions are more limited. This is going to be improved in 3.1 and until then there is a workaround of making the Admin user the Journal Manager or logging in as a Journal Manager (see After upgrading to OJS3 Administrator has few rights - #4 by asmecher).

Regarding your second problem, can the user who has the role of Section Editor, Reviewer, and Reader see the submission page but can’t open the file(s) or can they not see the submission at all? And what stage of the workflow is the submission at when the user is not able to access it?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hello @astevens,

The user, who has a role of Section Editor, Reviewer and Reader, is the Section Editor of a Submission. The current workflow of this Submission is ‘Review’.
I’ve logged in as this user and whenever I try to view the submission, it denies me due to ‘stage of workflow’.
I’m guessing it is working as intended? Not sure if it’s indeed a problem, I haven’t got much experience working with OJS, I just upgraded it for someone and they’re reporting issues to me, I’m mostly trying to figure out how it used to work and how it is currently and adapting it. One of this issues is that the user claims he could see the submission at all times as for now, when it’s on another stage, he doesn’t.

In regards to the first question, your explanation and the link you’ve left explains it and I apologize for this post, as it may be a duplicate of that one.

Hi @PedroAbrunhosa,

One difference between OJS 2 and 3 is that in OJS 3 the Administrator can assign permissions to roles. If you go to Users & Roles > Roles, you’ll see a list of Current Roles and you can check off which sections of the workflow each role has access to. It’s possible that you need to check off “Review” for the Section Editor role. In addition to assigning a general permission to access the review stage, the particular Section Editor user has to be assigned to the review section of a particular submission in order to access that stage of the submission. Please let me know if this solves the problem, and if not I will keep looking.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much for the explanation and the fast response! I will take a look and provide feedback asap