User registration problem - no role attribution - multijournal OJS (outubro 31, 2017 - 11:10 ) PHP Version 5.6.30

Hi there,

We are running an multi journal installation OJS ver. and from 2017 to 2019 we had only one journal running and no problems with user registration.

This month we setup other two journals and now, all of them is having the same problem when registering news users.

  1. When a user register in the journal registration page, the system does not show any message saying if the register was sucessful or not.
  2. Despite the absence of a message confirming the registration the user is registred in the OJS, but not in the journal. It is needed for the editor to search for “users without role in this journal” and add a role, otherwise the user can’t log in and submit articles.
  3. I tried myself to create a new author register, but, even if I click on the option to be author, it does not register under the journal, just the overall database (as describe in item 2).
  4. Under the role management page, I have even excluded the role “author” from the journal and created it again, but the problem continues.

I am using in all journals the default theme as also in the landing page of OJS and the only customization was to activate and configuration for use some of the plugins of the system.

I do not even know how to investigate further the problem.

Thankyou all for your time.

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Hi! After changing the theme the problem “evolved” (?). When I try to register a new user it shows:

"The username can contain only lower-case alphanumeric characters, underscores, and hyphens, and must begin and end with an alphanumeric character."

Following the instructions on the message does not change anything.

Hi @hugobci,

This may well have been resolved already, since OJS is quite old (2017). I’d recommend upgrading to a newer release. If you’re not ready to upgrade to OJS 3.2.0 yet, OJS 3.1.2 is a smaller step and has become quite stable.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher the IT team put a version and I am testing to make it the production version. But, the login problem continue.
The only difference I notice between versions is that the old one during registration the user choose his role in the periodical (autor option in the picture), and in the newer version, there is no role option. On the administrative side, under users and roles, the role author is the same in both versions. Could the idiom be influencing this issue? We use it in Brazilian portuguese.