User registration in OJS 3.1


We are testing 3.1 and will upgrade this summer. We did just test user registration. It seems that a user who is registered in the data base for one journal (Journal A) can not register for another journal (Journal B). On our current OJS 2.4.8 the user has this possibility: “Click here if you are already registered with this or another journal on this site”. We are not able to see how this function is made possible on 3.1. As it is now the Admin can add users from the database. But we do have 130 journals so we would prefer that the users can do this themselves.

Best Jesper


This is related: [OJS] The current role does not have access to this operation -message needs more details on how to acquire the needed role · Issue #2297 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
I have a pending pull request for that issue as well: If author role is missing when doing a submission, let user enroll by ajnyga · Pull Request #3542 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

In short it solves the most common problem where a user is trying to send a submission to a journal where she does not have the author role. In the pr the role is assigned automatically when the user starts the submission process. This of course does not solve situations where the user needs another role, but I think it covers 98% of the cases. Usually it is the author role they need.

Hi @ajnyga
Thank you for the quick reply. We did actually discover that the user from the Dashboard can select the journals which the user can access. It solves our problem. But it would be nice to do it from the submission page - like in version 2.4.8. I think that you pull request might solve the problem.