User phone number verification feature for OJS

My journal intends to add a phone number as data that needs to be filled in in the user account registration process, I want to know if I can add a feature to verify the phone number registered by the user using SMS? such as the account validation feature that uses email.

To add it what should I do? Is there a third party plugin I can install for this feature? Or I need to make it myself? if so, are there any references that I can refer to in order to make this feature for OJS?

I’m currently using OJS version 3, to be precise, OJS version

As far as I know, there’s no plugins to add such feature.

You’ll need to look for an intermediate service to deliver the SMS messages and integrate with their API. If you’re just planning to send local messages inside your own country, perhaps other solutions might exist (using a simple SIM card).

Jonas Raoni