User home link wrong

Hi there,

after upgrading to version we found some odd behaviour: even if the user has more than one journal, the button “user home” links only to this specific journal, not to the list:
adress/index.php/journal/user instead of adress/index.php/index/user
The funny thing ist: We have three ojs installations, but in one of them the link is correct, in the other ones it is not. I have already checkt the navbar.tpl, but it is the same in every installations. Are there any other places I could check?

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Hi @UBWolf,

do you have any customizations? We upgraded a test instance from 2.4.8 to and the links are ok.

Hope this helps
Claudia Jürgen

Hi @cjuergen,

thank you for your answer. We have some plugins and stylesheets, but nothing that changes the links. And yes, I refer to the link in the main menu. It always lead to the journal user home, not the general user home.

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A recent change in 2.4.8 was the addition of code specifically to detect if the user was in a single journal context and, if so, limit the User Home link to that journal:

Currently, this variable is set based on whether or not there is a site level redirect.

That might cause some interesting edge cases, one of which you might be hitting.

What is this setting for the install that works vs. the installs that don’t?

Thank you for your help!
Unfortunately the code you posted is the same with every install. Are there any other settings I could check?
The website settings are also the same.

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Do you mean there is no Journal Redirect in Site Settings for any install, or that there is a Journal Redirect in Site Settings for all installs?

Ah, now I understand. You are right, the installs with the problem have a redirect in the setings, the one without doesn’t have it. I changed that and the problem was there as well. So, now we know what causes the problem :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t change the redirect, so I need another solution to fix this.

But thank you so much, that helps a lot!

Kind regards

So, to clarify: you have a multi-journal install which redirects to a single journal, but you want the users to access other journals under that site when they go to the user home?

If you use-case is common, we may want to re-evaluate the use of the redirect setting for detecting a multi-journal install.

In the meantime, you may want to revert the change of this patch:

Yes, that’s exactly what we want.

Thank you!