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We had some problems with the update to the new version of OJS. In that, we had to reinstall the system. In all cases, given the problems, we were unable to access the dashboard and export the data.

Our editorial team was willing to re-enroll all users and make the lists manually. However, we need access to the system’s user and email list. It turns out that, although we have a copy of all files from localhost, we do not know how to locate the file in the user database.

Would you know what file or files this database is stored in?

Hi @lulacardona ,

Did you create a backup when you updated? If so, you might want to take an export of the users from that backup (how to do this will vary on what version you are using - could you clarify what version you’re using?) or re-attempt the upgrade again.

PKP team

Apologies for the delay.

We have upgraded from version 3.2.1-4 to version 3.3.0-3. It was an automatic update because the system was configured this way - which was modified after that.

Unfortunately, the export backup of the data dated seven days earlier and is quite outdated.

Effectively, we have a backup of the day of the files of the site itself, with folders and etc., due to a mirror system. For several reasons, we cannot install the mirror.

We need to find the user data in the system folders.

Effectively, we paid attention to the ssl files, but they were not there. We are strangled, but we do not know if the system refers to another location or if, for some reason, something is actually corrupted.

Our support team has never worked with OJS and I admit that they are all headbanging.

Hi @lulacardona,

I’m sorry - I can’t think of any more solutions to offer off the top of my head, but I will see if another team member can assist and/or some other community members may weigh in with assistance.

PKP Team

Thank you, Roger.

Finally, do you have any idea what file or set of files the user database is stored in?

Imagine that we have the folders and that I want, without using the backup export system to have access to this database. Where are they stored?

Thanks again!

Hi @lulacardona,

The user data is only stored in the database, and it’s up to the database server (MySQL or PostgreSQL) to manage where the data is managed on the filesystem. OJS doesn’t have access to that information.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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