User database clean-up: any useful plugins, reports, tools to assist with?


I am writing from the McGill Journal of Education (MJE) with a couple of questions regarding user database clean-up and reporting on OJS.

Firstly, to assist with our user database clean-up, we would like to run reports which collate useful information about our users, including the last time they have interacted with our website (whether to review for us or to submit an article, etc.) to help us sort active users from inactive ones. For reviewers, it would also be helpful to export information on how many times they have reviewed for us, without having to go into each individual assignment. Are there currently any plugins or reports that can generate this information?

Secondly, I am aware that Review Report provides some information about review activities, but we are currently receiving the following error message and not able to generate any reports or stats when we try to do so.

This site can’t be reached
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Is there a fix for this?

Any advice the community forum is able to provide regarding the above is greatly appreciated!

With thanks,


Hi @isabelm

Currently there is no user report. The system admin could for example get the date_last_log (date of the last log in) from the DB table users.
The Review Report does provide all information for each review. You could then analyze these information (using for example Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc).
I see you are using OJS 3.2.1, correct?
What happens when you log in as journal manager and go to tools > reports > ReviewReport ?