User already exist but it's already gone in Users & Roles

Describe the issue or problem
So I think the admin of our OJs deleted some users, for some reason, which isn’t that important to be fair, and they’re trying to register those users again, to test something maybe. And they found out that, even if those users “don’t exist” anymore, at least they don’t appear in Users & Roles anymore, OJS can still “see” them and so their details can’t be reused. I also don’t know what is the name of the user table so I can’t check if the users are just soft deleted and somehow the user checking query isn’t ignoring those soft deleted users

Steps I took leading up to the issue
I used the admin account to check what users are present in Users & Roles. After finding out that my personal account isn’t there, I tried registering myself. When I clicked Register, OJS is saying that my username and email is already used.

What application are you using?

Hi @chai_blew,

Do you know the mechanism through which they were deleted? Directly from the database? Did you also use the search with the " Include users with no roles in this journal." option to search with the users? It’s possible that they are still within your OJS instance just have no role associated with them.

PKP Team

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Hi, sorry for the very late reply. So the admin on our OJS isn’t a technical person so it’s impossible for them to know how to do a direct db delete. And you were right, most of the users were only not appearing because they have no assigned role to them. Thanks for the help

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