Use italics in "Reference" list for articles titles?

Hi there,

I would like to submit you one question. Would that be not recommended to add italics in the “Reference” list of each articles?
I am asking there, because I see that the HTML editor has not been granted for the “Reference” list form in the metadata tab, and so I believe this choice was taken for a reason.
I did manage to add italics for the titles of the quoted articles using and , but I guess this practice is not particularly ideal.

Last but not least, do you advise to follow a specific quotation system, for the “Reference” list? Or could I just use the quotation system already in use by the journal?
I am asking, because for a journal website with tho languages, I am also worrying about if I should write in which language informations such as “translated by”, “edited by” (dirigé par), etc.
I see, in fact, that the “reference list” field doesn’t offer a multilingual version as the others do: again, I do suspect that there is a reason behind.
Thank you very much for your attention

I add information: I have seen that some Evaluation/indexing bodies ask journals to English language bibliographic information, including Titles, Abstracts, Keywords and Cited references.

So for the language to use in the “Reference list”, ok, it will be English.
I still wonder, however, if I should use italics for titles or not. And more generally, which quotation system I should use.
Thanks again to everyone that could help me understanding this.