Use a plugin setting for addLessVariables in a theme

Hi everyone,

so, this is kind of a special problem. I have a child theme which is based on the default theme. In this theme I have set a background color for the body. I’ve also added a color picking option to change the background body color, which is added to addLessVariables. If picked a new color, it changes instantly.

However, because of some complicated reasons I need to set the color not in the theme itself, but in a different (generic) plugin. I can get the color from the plugin to the theme, but after adding it to addLessVariables, it doesn’t change instantly. I have to clear the cache to make it work.

I understand that there is always some clear caching with less involved, but I cannot understand, what is different about the theme color picking option and the generic plugin color picking option. Maybe someone can elaborate a bit on this? Because as far as I can see, when I add the color to the addLessVariables it shouldn’t matter anymore how it was picked.

I’m using OJS

Kind regards