UsageStats daily processing has suddenly stoped

My last stats updates was seen on 20th May. Since then the daily processing is stopped. I saw the logs as well, it just has OJS2 404 Error.

I cant even see any files in Processing or Stage or Reject or Archive folder beyond 20th May.

However, I can see files in SchedueTaskLogs being updated daily.

Hi @varshilmehta

Hmmm… When there are no usage stats log files, it seems to be a problem with logging the usage events…
Are both your plugins, Usage Event as well as Usage Statistics, still enabled?
Also, please double check your usage stats folder permissions, so that web user can create, move, write (new) files there.

In what logs did you see the 404 error?

Did you maybe change anything on May 19th or 20th?

What do those schedule task logs (after May 20th) contain, how do they look like?

What is the URL of your journal?


Yes, both the plugins are on.

[20-May-2018 17:54:16 UTC] ojs2: 404 Not Found is the error log. Happens every day since 20th May.

I used to change daily, so not sure, is the website.

File permission is 777


Hi @varshilmehta

When you open the latest Usagestatisticsfileloadertask-… file from the scheduledTaskLogs folder, what do you see there?


[2018-06-18 15:08:57]
[2018-06-18 15:08:57] [Notice] Task process started.
[2018-06-18 15:08:57] [Notice] Task process stopped.

[2018-05-23 08:50:48]
[2018-05-23 08:50:48] [Notice] Task process started.
[2018-05-23 08:50:48] [Notice] Task process stopped.

[2018-05-22 07:09:02]
[2018-05-22 07:09:02] [Notice] Task process started.
[2018-05-22 07:09:02] [Notice] Task process stopped.

[2018-05-21 06:49:18]
[2018-05-21 06:49:18] [Notice] Task process started.
[2018-05-21 06:49:19] [Notice] File /home/u796555399/openfiles/usageStats/processing/usage_events_20180520.log was processed and archived.
[2018-05-21 06:49:19] [Notice] Task process stopped.

[2018-05-20 03:58:49]
[2018-05-20 03:58:49] [Notice] Task process started.
[2018-05-20 03:58:50] [Notice] File /home/u796555399/openfiles/usageStats/processing/usage_events_20180519.log was processed and archived.
[2018-05-20 03:58:50] [Notice] Task process stopped.

Hi @varshilmehta

Hmmm… nothing to see from those files… :-\

Do you have those log files after May 20th in your folder usageStats/usageEventLogs/ ?
Do you have a log file with the current day (today) there? I.e. is the usage still correctly logged?

Do you use Acron Plugin or have you set up a cron job (for those scheduled tasks)?

:-\ Bozana

I use acron. Also, there are no files in usageeventslogs folder.

Also 20th was the last day when the file was made and stored in archive. The next file (21st) created problem and was not in archive folder. I think it was in some other folder. I opened the file and deleted everything in it (a week later) and the file was then passed to the archives. But no new file was made even thereafter.

Hi @varshilmehta

Hmmm… I have no idea…
Have you maybe accidentally changed the Usage Statistics plugin setting “Create log files” ?


Oh shit, yes. You are right. I by mistakenly had disabled it. Gotcha. Will let you know in a day.

Dr. Varshil Mehta