Usage Stats plugin & Usage Event Plugin

Hi everybody! I have a problem. Usage Stats plugin & Usage Event Plugin are native from OJS, but during our migration from version to, these plugins are not working, even they are between the plugins/generic archives.

Please, if anybody could help me, I’ll be very grateful. By the way, thank you for the other answers!

Hi @lux666

Can you be more specific about what isn’t working with them? Thanks!


Hi! @jnugent. Thank you so much for answering me! The problem is that the usageEvent and usageStats plugins, like acron, are native OJS plugins, but by the time we migrated, they simply appear in WinSCP, but they don’t appear in the application plugins list as you can see bellow:


Have you ever know about a problem like that? Could you help to understand what’s going wrong?

Thanks a lot, my friend! Have a nice day!

Hi @lux666

They should at least be appearing in the grid. Can you check your error logs to make sure that there aren’t any PHP errors when loading the plugins grid? Can you also check permissions on the directoriesa and also make sure that there is content in them?


Awesome! Thank you very much, Jason @jnugent. That was exactly what needed to be done. Bye,