Usage Statistics report incomplete (OJS 2.4.8)

We are using OJS 2.4.8 Stats and Reports->OJS usage statistics report, and are trying to generate statistics for one of our journals but the report only contains data from a three month period in 2014. The metrics table contains 777K+ entries for this journal with a metric_type of ojs::counter metric type and dates ranging from 201403 to 201808, but only dates 201403 to 201405 are included in the report.
I tried the suggestion to increase the value of STATISTICS_MAX_ROWS in as per Problem OJS usage statistics report - #3 by bozana but without success.
I tried increasing the value to 25000 and to 50000, however in both cases the report only contains 13K lines.
Are there any other limits which I should be increasing in order to get a full report?
Many thanks.

Hi @elt,

The Usage Statistics report is generally not recommended for journals that have a very large metrics dataset. There is more information about OJS statistics in our new Administrator’s Guide.

What happens when you run the report over a shorter time span in the periods that are being excluded in the larger report? For example, if you run the report for only 2018, does it include data?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Amanda,
Many thanks for the reply and the link to the Administrators Guide. The OJS usage statistics option doesn’t offer a date range - it simply runs when you click the link, and I see that the Guide does indeed discourage using this option for journals with large metrics datasets. We’ll take a close reading of the guide and figure out how best to use the Custom reports options instead.
Many thanks.