Usage Statistics Plugin: Remove sidebar text + edit privacy statement link? (OJS

Hi all,

we’ve recently fully activated the Usage Statistics plugin and are now experiencing some layout issues. Once the plugin is activated the info block about it is automatically added to all journals, which is fine for us in most cases, but one of our journals that has its own css style sheet is not doing so well. The Journal in question has no sidebar, so the info block is forcibly put on the bottom of the page, which results in some issues with the design.

How can we remove the info block? We’d then create a blurb in the footer ourselves. If we simply drag the block over towards the “Unselected” section in the sidebar management, it doesn’t take. Once we save, the block is automatically put back into the visible section.

Additionally, once you’re on the page where users can opt out, there are two links to the general privacy statement, which lead to the /about/submissions page instead of the /about/privacy page. We’d like to change this link, as several of our journals don’t use the editorial workflow and don’t link to the submissions page anywhere, as it wrongly encourages users to sign up as authors and submit their work via OJS. In the locale the link is called $privacyStatementUrl, which suggests that it probably should lead to the /about/privacy page, but simply doesn’t. Can we change this link? Or can we redefine the variable?

Many thanks,