Usage statistics by institutional subscriber

In version, we want to figure out how to generate usage stats per institutional subscriber. eg, a librarian wants to determine how many people used the title to determine if they should review the journal.

Questions please:

  1. How do we generate this data on OJS?
  2. How does the subscriber generate and read this data?

Many Thanks.

Hi @radjr

Unfortunately, this function does not exist in OJS at the moment. Thus you would need to use some other tools/mechanism to figure that out, e.g. to try to generate those usage statistics using the apache log files and the IP address of that institutionā€¦


Thank you.

Richard A. DeVito Jr.

Hi, Bozana,

We have similar requests. So will this feature be in the to-do-list for OJS 3.x?


Hi @Y_H

When we start working on the subscription module and improvement of the statistics in OJS 3.x I will know moreā€¦