Usage Statistic Plugin Not Working (db metric empty)

@Muhammad_Khoiruddin Hi, I have an 3.3.0-6 OJS instalation and I am experimenting the same problem describe above. I took a look into metrics table at database and I found no metrics since October 17th (not sure but could be the date I updated OJS). I can see files generated on files/useStats/usageEventLogs. Could you solve the problem? Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi @Matdago,

I’ve moved your post to a separate one here - since the original post (OJS Usage Statistic Plugin Not Working (db metric empty)) is older and deals with an unsupported version (3.1). I’m not sure I know a solution to this, but will see if I can bet one of our team members to weigh in.

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PKP Team