Usability issues in default theme OJS3.3.0-6

Hello everyone,
I use the default theme in OJS3.3.0-6 which gives me what I need, I just have to modify by CSS some points and that’s all right.

However, I think they have an area of opportunity in the part of usability in the buttons of the galleys. When the galley is a PDF, there is no problem, the PDF viewer opens, there is an arrow to return to the abstract page without problems.
But that doesn’t happen when the galley is an XML or HTML, the back button only goes back in the same document and it is absolutely impossible to go back to the abstract page.

What can I do so that the galley proofs published in XML and HTML open in a new window?
And in this way we temporarily solve this problem.


Hi @dagosalas,

Can you let us know what version of the default theme you are using? Our developers monitor these feature requests and will get back to you when they have the chance, but knowing the version number of the theme is helpful if changes to the theme are needed.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis , info here, i’m using OJS3.3.0-6.


Hi @dagosalas,

Are you using the Lens Reader plugin to view XML in the browser? If so, there’s nothing that can be done about that. The Lens Reader is no longer maintained and if it is interfering with the browser’s back button that won’t be fixed.

If you are using OJS’s default HTML article galley viewer, that works exactly like the PDF viewer. It loads your HTML article galley into an iframe. If you don’t see the link to go back to the submission, or the browser’s back button doesn’t work, that may be the result of customizations in your theme or perhaps some JavaScript code in the HTML galley is interfering with the browser’s back button.

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hi @NateWr ,
Yes, I use the eLife Lens Article Viewer.
So what would be recommended for displaying XML?

Hi @dagosalas,

Unfortunately that’s the only XML viewing plugin at the moment. @Vitaliy has built a plugin that can convert XML to HTML, but it only works on JATS XML formatted in a very specific way. You can learn more about that at GitHub - Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin: OJS3 Plugin for parsing JATS XML and displaying it on article detail page.

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