Uploading with OJS plug-in

I’ve installed the Portico plug-in and try to export issues using it. When trying to download files to prepare to upload/export, I click on “Export” then I get a box which says “you have chosen to open…” displaying a default zip file name using the date, but I don’t have an option to change the file that I want to open; i.e., the actual zip file that contains the files I want to export. How can I choose the file that I want to open using this plug-in?

It is probably easiest to change the filename on your local filesystem after the download.

Hi Clinton, thanks for your suggestion. But the problem is I haven’t yet done the download. The files that I want to export to Portico are on my computer, but what do I have to “download” and to where? And how?

It sounds like you are wanting to upload or import files from Portico to OJS. Since I’ve never had experience with Portico, I’ll tag @jmacgreg here. He may be able to offer suggestions.

Hi all,

Mark, my recollection is that Portico has their own upload interface where you should be able to upload the archived contents that you download. If you configure the plugin with your Portico username and password, you should be able to use the FTP option to FTP those directly. Otherwise, you should be able to find manual FTP instructions on the Portico website.